This Little “Super Magnet” Was The Surprise Hit Of The Holidays – I Still Can’t Believe How Useful It Is

While searching for xmas gifts last month, I stumbled across what I thought was a fun little “stocking stuffer”.

I didn’t think much of it – it’s basically a small magnet. What’s so special about that?! I just needed something that wasn’t too expensive, yet still seemed useful.

My husband, brother and brother-in-law didn’t think much of it either… at least, not at first. They just thanked me and put it in their pockets.

But now, one month later, I’m shocked that they all agree: it was hands-down their favorite gift of the holidays!

While they claim to love the socks and sweaters I got them, they keep gushing about this darn magnet.

“I use it like 5 times a day.”

“I bought three more to organize my tools.”

“It’s crazy how powerful it is!”

And my favorite: “Jan, you’re a genius – where’d you find this thing?!”

Now, I’m not exactly a handyman myself. However, after hearing them buzz about how “universally useful” this gadget, I decided to pick one up for myself. It’s called MagnetPAL… and even though it’s only been a week, I’m already blown away by how often I use it!

What is MagnetPAL?

Simply put, MagnetPAL is one of the strongest magnets ever made – and it’s EXTREMELY compact (smaller than a quarter)!

MagnetPAL weighs only a fraction an ounce (it easily clips to your keychain)... and yet it can lift up to 15lbs – that’s over 100X its weight!

Now, if you’re like me, you may be wondering: How useful can a super-powerful mini-magnet really be?!

Well, the creators claim it has more than 100 uses, and I totally believe it. Not only is it perfect for handyman tasks like finding studs and storing nails or screws (replacing a magnetic toolbelt)... it’s also amazing for organizing things and it can even be used as a magnetic hide-a-key.

While DIYers may get the most mileage out of it, I’m confident everyone can find more than a few ways to use it. No wonder it won the Gold Award at the West Coast Pop Show… and they’ve already sold more than 500,000 of them!

What makes MagnetPAL so special?

I was curious: How do they pack so much power into such a small magnet?

As it turns out, MagnetPAL is unlike other magnets because it’s made from rare earth metals. These so-called Neodymium magnets provide a lifetime of “pulling power”.

This also means it won't lose magnetism over time, it will never rust, and it won’t mess with your phone or credit card chips (like normal magnets).

It’s also made in the USA, ensuring every MagnetPAL meets their high quality standards.

What can you use MagnetPAL for?

Honestly, I’m still discovering new uses for my MagnetPAL every day! Here are a few of the most common uses I’ve heard of:

Organizing tools, keys, signs and other objects: The molded loop at the top allows you to attach it to almost anything – which you can then easily hang from any metal surface.

A convenient replacement for bulky magnetic tool belts: Simply clip MagnetPAL to your jeans (or even directly to your tool) to easily access nails and screws while on the job.

Magnetic key chain holder: Clip your keys to your belt or hang them up near the door so you never lose them. You can count on MagnetPAL to hang on tight, but release easily when you're ready to disconnect!

Magnetic stud finder: Easily locate the screws in your studs through almost any type of wall. Simply wave MagnetPAL over your wall until you feel it start to pull out of your hand!

Discreet hide-a-key: Instead of hiding a key under your mat, use MagnetPAL as a hide-a-key in your gutter, on an outdoor lamp or under your car.

Of course, there’s plenty more… it all depends on your imagination. Once you have one in your pocket, you start seeing uses for it everywhere!

MagnetPAL keeps impressing me – I love it! But there’s just one problem…

I’ve officially become a MagnetPAL fan – I now fully understand why it was the runaway hit of the holidays. If you can imagine even one use for MagnetPAL, you’ll quickly discover five more… it’s THAT useful.

However, there’s one problem. After realizing I could use MagnetPALs to organize the tools in my gardening shed, I went to the website to order more… and I was met with an unpleasant surprise. They were sold out!

As it turns out, those rare earth metals really are rare. MagnetPAL is frequently out of stock due to the exclusive materials involved and the complex production process.

They say they’re working on improving this – but for now, I suggest jumping on MagnetPAL if you see it in stock. It usually won’t be long, and trust me: it will be worth the wait. There’s nothing else like it!

UPDATE – January 26, 2022: MagnetPAL is back in stock – here’s where to find it!

Good news! As of this writing, MagnetPAL is currently in stock. In fact, it seems like they’ve heard my complaint… because now they’re even offering BIG discounts on “bundle deals” to ensure that everyone who wants to stock up can do so easily. (And at a great price, too… I wish they offered these bundles when I got mine.)

If you’re excited to try out MagnetPAL, then now is your chance. Click the button below to visit the MagnetPAL website – and hurry, before they disappear again!

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